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We offer our customer a wide variety of custom Riflesmithing, from our Package deals to our custom rifle work. We can accurize your factory rifle, inspect, gauge and evaluate that custom tactical-target rifle that seems to be going down hill and tune it up and or build a custom rifle using the customer Remington 700 action to a total custom build starting with a custom action. I use only the very best of components and Gunsmithing techniques along with quality tooling and measuring instruments. I hold tolerances to .0001” - .0002” on all by barreling work.


The Remington 700 action is what the majority of the custom gunsmiths build their rifles on. These are strong actions with a safe breeching system and respond well to the accurizing procedures that are needed to square and true the action (blueprint).Although depending on your needs from a hunting rifle to a 1000 yard heavy match rifle, the labor can be intensive to bring out all the accuracy the action is capable of, plus the cost of the action (rifle). The high quality custom actions that are available might be the way to go as far as cost and the resale value is far greater.


Please click on the Custom Rifle Work Order Form and fill out the form with all the manufacturers name and parts numbers of the desired components, lengths and colors to build your custom rifle. Fax the completed form to me, I will then call you and we will discuss your project in detail and proceed from there.


You can view Our Package deals and Custom Gunsmith Services under their separate page. There will be a Work Order Form at the bottom of each Package page for the customer to click on. Please fill out customer’s information, view and check any of the Options available you desire for that Package, sign and date, then fax to me. If what you want is not on the list, Please click on the Custom Rifle Work Order Form at the bottom of this page and fill out the form with desired components wanted. Make sure to fill in manufacturers name and part numbers and fax both forms to me, I will call you and discuss your project.

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